Yamaha DSP A-592.

I bought this amp in 1998, and I'm still happy with it. Considering that it was cheap (in comparison) it has all the features that I could want and expect at the price, except for a digital In for decoding Dolby digital off DVD players (if I get one). Stereo replay is ok, but the amp's coup de force is in playing back in Dolby Pro Logic. It is rated at 70 watts to the front three channels, but rarely have I been above half way, as things start to get a bit muddy at this point, and on the rare occations that Ive been to "three oclock" It really started to get harsh ;)

Marantz CD-48

I picked this up at Richer sounds for 80 quid. It does the job ok, but I was more interested in just having a CD player rather than being too picky. I used to get very insane when my pc broke and I had nothing to play from while I was re-installing. Someone on the bass list has said that he cannot tell the difference between his diskman and the 1000 SA-CD player. This is because the technology has been perfected today - there are only small differences in player quality! are.

JVC Digital Nicam (S-VHS) VCR

Got this last christmas. Allthough second hand, it does the job nicely. No complaints whatsoever.

Mr. <0mputAr & Mr. 1nt3rw3b

This is where most of the noise comes from. I usually listen to one of the shoutcast mp3 streams when I am working.


The Subwoofer was my DIY speaker project. I am happy with the driver and box, and with overall performance, but I know that if I want to get the best out of the driver I need a more powerfull amplifier. 150 watts is not nearly enough power.

There is still a lot more to be had in terms of bass performance. The next sub system I build will probably be based on something like KRELL's MRS using DIY drivers, in a smaller box, and relying on killowatt amplifiers and a linquitz transform to provide "good" levels of bass. Adires latest tumult with its 34mm of one way xmax looks perfect for the job right now.

My second project was to build a set of "main" speakers. The speakers turned out quite well, not quite as good as a friends dynaudio audience 50's but cheaper, and more satisfying (in the sense that I made them. Next time round, I will use single wall boxes rather than the mdf-softwood combination used here. I had problems with the wood expanding/contracting at different rates, causing cracking. I will also choose drivers with circular cutouts, as this makes baffle routing much easier. To those who are speculative of the performance of DIY loudspeakers, and there are a few, perhaps you should take a listen and let your ears decide! If you have the time and the inclination, bang for buck DIY speakers cannot be beat!