My Work

This section is an online portfolio of some of the work work that in the computer science field. Im aiming to add new bits to this list as they come along so in a way this part of the site will never be complete!

Digital Terain Visualisation

  The DTV sections refer to my third year project, a Digital Terrain Visualisation. I used Java and Java3D for this so it is possible to show some of the work done over the net. The datafiles used in the stand alone application are too big for me to serve without clogging the servers bandwidth - which seeing as I dont pay for the hosting would be out of line. Instead I have included a few screenshots of the program in action.

I am (in an on-off fashion) working on the second incarnation of the program. Currently I am contending with the problem of when to load different pieces of the terrain model - the whole thing is 2 GB, and obviously cant be loaded at once. I have just finished my work on some model degredation classes and I can now read in the whole uk Height map, and display it at a vastly reduced resolution (adaptive use of points) and display it ... all in under one minute!

Website CMS

The very website that you are looking at is not just your standard collection of html pages held on a webserver; I wrote a content management system in perl to help me maintain / develop the site. Read more in the Website CMS section.


My last job was working for a part of Manchester University called MIMAS, where amongst other things, I built the landmap website to serve spatial data to the academic community.

Disk Visualisation

During the summer holidays after my second year at university, beside working in (goddamit) pie factories, I developed a program to visualise in true 3d, a posix computers harddisk structure. This is the program.