I was tired of constantly browsing to an online dictionary website in order to check my spellings a trillion times a day, so I wrote a program to check words against a dictionary. The program would sit in my system tray untill I needed it, and should be as compact as possible.

I used VB6 to do this, because although I had used Visual Basic a lot whilst at sixth form, I had not used it since and wanted to brush up. I am pleased with the result, especially seeing as it was built in 3 sittings!

You can download the program here.

The program comes with the standard windows installer, and can be uninstalled if you do not like it. Just type the word you are not sure about into the textbox, and press enter or click on the the "go" button. The word changes green if there is a match in the dictionary file, red if not. If you want to search for the word at dictionary.com instead, click on the "e" button.

Note: Once the install is complete, the first time you run the program you will need to select which dictionary to match against. Right click on the book icon in your system tray and selct configure. Browse to the directory you installed to. In a subdirectory called "dictionaries" you will find several varying sized wordlists.