Hard Disk Visualisation Program.

I realised the value of being able to see the contents of your hard disk - I find it rather difficult to work out where all the space has gone on my linux drive. The film "Jurrasic Park" is where the inspiration came from I suppose - at the end the little girl files around inside the computer looking for a way to lock a door. What a good idea!

The program is in a state of disrepair, I never actually got 'round to finishing it. I may have a poke now I have glut installed on a working linux box again, but Ill make the c source available so others can try also!

filenav.c.gif - emacs font-lock coloured code of the main file.
filenav.tar.gz - the code itself, including the necessary filestructure scanning files.

IIRC this is what happens... scan.h is used to read the dir structure into a data struct, and this structure is then used by the main filenav code in generating a 3d model of the disk using the GLUT (open _GL _Utility _Toolkit). You will need to change the makefile to get it to compile on your system I expect