Audio Resources

This section provides a number of links to sites that I think are usefull / interesting in the audio sector. If you would like to have your projects added, please e-mail me.


Avataraudio Distributor of the Shiva, amongst other drivers. goto "/preorder" for the shiva 15" offer. They also have a white paper on the shiva, and reccomended box configurations.
BK electronics The UK distributor of the well respected BK range of mos-fet power amplifiers.
Madisound For everything speaker related.
Morel Official site containing lots of info about the Morel range.
Audax Basic Thille small information for the french manufacturers lineup.
Wilmslow Audio Overpriced UK distributor of drivers / kits. Sometimes worth a look though.
Apex Junior Many claim good service, has occational list offers.
Markertek Cables, plugs etc.
Seas Info, and where to buy.
Scan Speak / Vifa Info on their audio drivers.


4 way Floorstanders A bass listers speakers that I particually like the look of.
The Beast Deon Berdon's pet monster.
Audax - Morel Combo Matt S. is developing a speaker that will use the same drivers as mine.
A652 project Project using the HM170C0 drivers that I used.
Active XO kit An active Cross Over Kit.
Diy Amplifiers Too difficult for me!
Amp and OX Lots of amp and crossover projects.
Waynes Speakers Some interesting bits.


Linkwitz lab Crossovers. Complicated.
Veneering Good guide on how to veneer. Louis Lung's (respected on the basslist for his cabinet construction).
LDSG Bob stouts Loudspeaker Driver Selection guide. Invaluable.
12" Sub Comparison Deon B's difinitive 12 incher guide.
The AES Audio engeneering Society.
PCAVtech A good in-depth study into how good particular soundcards are. Links to the Summary page.
Surround Sound A study into the various surround sound formats - with a conclusion!

Tools / converters

LSDC Vance Dickason's Loud Speaker Design Cookbook, order form at Britannica. The Bible of loudspeaker design. Gives a firm foundation to all aspects of DIY loudspeaker construction.
Ultra Converter Very usefull, seing as T/S parameters are often given in different units :(
Speaker Formulae Usefull Speaker design formulae.
Java Box apps Simple box size calculators.