The Driver

I decided to use a driver called the NHT 1259, built by Tonegen, for NHT. At the time this was one of only two drivers available to the DIYer, just before when the Shiva was released. I chose this driver, essentially by its reputation, and because of the fact that there were many documented projects that used it on the internet. I am happy with my NHT, but I think that it is limited by the current amplifier, it is not powerfull enough.

The Amplifier


The amp that I chose was Madisound's KG-5150, essentially this was the only amp that was available to me, because I was not willing to build my own crossover, and this was one of a few amps that had a built in active crossover. The fact that I could get both amp and driver from the same place clinched it. Now this amp is rated at 150 Watts into 8 ohms, and 200ish into 4 ohms, and although I initally thought that this would be more than enough for the subwoofer, it is not! I cant really use the full excursion of the driver without getting lots of distortion.


For me, the project was a success. The people that Ive shown it to generally seem to think that it was worth the money and effort. One slightly lacking feature is Max SPL output, mostly due to amplifier output problems I think. However it more than makes up for this in terms of Quality of the bass it produces.

A freind at university bought a paradigm Subwoofer in our first year, and I have to say that I was impressed, not particually by the quality of the sound, but moreso by the sheer Quantity of bass this little thing could produce! I think that this sub is louder than mine, but is not as articulate.

Other Pics