Summertime Adventure on Thirlmere Island

Paddle and Camp on Hawes Island (the larger of the two) on Lake Thirlmere.
Plan out and then have an aim for weekend, but ONLY go if the weather is good.
This is so we can take rubbish equipment and be fine.
I plan on sleeping under a tarp in a £20 bag. Anni can have my good bag. Take Daughter.

Invite list:
PD +2
Brom +2 + Dog
Fifi Dad
Physics Dad
Goodman + Son
Uncle Alan
Bro + cheeky monkey

Island location:
Google Map
Island Postcode: (north of lake): CA12 4TQ


Set off Friday Night and camp elsewhere + close to cars,
or set off early Saturday.
Park "Dob gill car park" and walk 1.8 KM to island closest shore point. Potentially drop raft in car if very heavy.
Inflate raft on the Westmost shore and paddle out.
Search for good camping area. If out of sight of the roads build and prepare shelters. Set up fire pit and dig toilet.

Assess time and start activities. Choices of:
1/ Clibing trees and making rope connections / abseiling down.
2/ Use our boat to explore the other island, or sail around Hawes.
3/ Build bushcraft tools like wooden spoons and tent pegs.
4/ Those with long range and high speed capabilities (ie not 4 year old kids) could try and summet Helvelyn, heading out east from the lake. Thinking PD + Co. Would need second raft, or ferrying. 8.92KM Circular and 450m of elevation up (~500m to 939m). Use radios. Would need to set off early to complete and not delay 5PM cooking start
5/ Spear making and throwing
6/ Swimming
7/ Fishing (need help with that)
8/ Take spotting scope and try to see planets
9/ Hide and seek in parent-kid pairs 10/ Sneaker game, one person has to hide and everyone else find them. 11/ Circular walk around the coast. Perhaps after diner and before coco + zzzzz.


Saturday lunch: Packed lunches with either warm soup or tea
Saturday dinner: Depends on how many people come, possibly doing many dishes. Simple stew of potatoes, carrots, corned beef etc. Fire pizzas. Steak strips and rice with red curry sauce or pork wool.
Saturday evening snacks: hot coco (suggest whispa instants to reduce milk needed) and marshmallows.
Sunday Breakfast: Coffee + tea, Croissants + brioche, nut bars. Possibly bacon sandwiches or bacon pancakes


Give Annika and other kids whistles. Rados enable multi path insertion. PD could take on Helvelyn and we ferry with rafts on arrival.
Phone siglan on island reported as "pants". Rent satellite communicator.
Decatlon inflateable boat (3ish people) £50.
Make backup plan for if there are other people there or a ranger.

Kit list

Must have:
Sleeping bag
Ground mat / insulators
Water bottles + my water filter pump.

2x Boats
toilet trowel
Fire kit and perhaps bbq to reduce impact
Take Firewood. Expect there not to be much lying around.
Trangia stove and fuel
I'll take:
wet + dry suits
Aldi telescope

Rough map:

Island Picture: